Norah Charles

"The Center of the American West's Thompson Awards provided me the rare opportunity to share my creative work with a community of like-minded readers whose love of the Western spirit and landscape ensure artistic works exploring this region remain a part of our contemporary dialogue."

~Norah Charles

2006 Thompson Award Winner


Thompson Writing Awards

You could have five hundred dollars sitting on your hard drive, or better yet, sitting in some untapped corner of your mind. We are looking for entries for our 16th annual Thompson Awards for Western Writing and first prize in each of the four categories is five hundred dollars! So all you fiction writers, poets, academics, journalists, and memoirists have a shot and best of all, there’s no entry fee. So let us know what you see, what you know, what you feel, what you’ve experienced of the American West and perhaps we’ll be able to turn it into accolades and cash!

This is a blind contest, so that judges will not know the names of the student contestants. So make sure that the work you submit does not include your name. See contest rules for eligibility and other details.

The entry period for the 2014/2015 Thompson Writing Awards is now closed.