The Center of the American West takes as its mission the creation of forums for the respectful exchange of ideas and perspectives in the pursuit of solutions to the region's difficulties. We at the Center believe that an understanding of the historical origins of the West's problems, an emphasis on the common interests of all parties, and a dose of good humor are essential to constructive public discussion.


Upcoming Events

The Center of the American West, as part of its mission to increase awareness and knowledge about a variety of issues we face as Westerners, hosts a number of public events every year. We offer film screenings, panel discussions, public readings, and much more. We also host two annual events, our Stegner Award, which honors a prominent Westerner, and our Modern Indian Identity series, which features notable Native Americans talking about their experiences when balancing traditional culture with the demands of modern society. Come join us; we have something to offer everyone!

A special Modern Indian Identity Event:
A special Modern Indian Identity Event:

A film screening of Winter in the Blood

The Center of the American West’s Modern Indian Identity series features contemporary Indian speakers telling their stories in ways that confirm the compatibility of tradition with innovation. The speakers have profound ties to their peoples’ pasts, and they have also adapted with agility and enterprise to the conditions of our times. Synopsis Virgil First Raise…

Film Screening: Losing the West

Losing the West is a documentary on small ranching and farming, exemplified by the story of a lifelong Colorado cowboy. Howard Linscott IS the original Marlboro Man, a gruff, chain-smoking 70-year-old who’s been ranching all his life. With sweeping shots of the Colorado Rockies, the film explores whether cherished Western traditions and this fiercely independent…