This program explores “What We Know, What We Don’t Know, and What We Hope to Learn about Oil & Gas Development.” FrackingSENSE events are public forums that aim to increase the productivity and elevate the character of public dialog about unconventional oil and gas development in Colorado and the American West at large. At FrackingSENSE events, the emphasis is on increasing the signal and decreasing the noise in a public discourse through listening, evidence-based discussion, thoughtful questioning, respectful disagreement, and an atmosphere of civility.

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The Return of FrackingSENSE Speakers

April 28, 2015
Dr. Matthew Cotton
The Politics of Shale Gas
in the United Kingdom

April 8, 2015
Dr. Anthony Ingraffea
Cornell University Professor
and Influential ‘Talking Head’
in Josh Fox’s “Gasland,” in Conversation with
Professor Limerick

March 11, 2015
Dr. Jeffrey Jacquet
Community Impacts from Hydraulic Fracturing


FrackingSENSE 2.0 Speakers

April 15, 2014
Josh Joswick
The Theology of Fracking:
God Only Knows What’s
Going to Happen Next

April 1, 2014
Norman Warpinski
Hydraulic Fracturing:
Where Does the
Research Lead Us?

March 18, 2014
Rebecca Watson
Is the oil and gas industry exempt from major environmental laws and
what about that “fracking” loophole?

March 11, 2014
Pete Morton

Redefining Responsible
Oil and Gas Development

March 10, 2014
Jim Martin

Thinking About Fracking
and Other Mysteries
Special Location: Wittemyer Courtroom, Wolf Law Building

March 10, 2014
Tim Wirth

Thinking About Fracking
and Other Mysteries
Special Location: Wittemyer Courtroom, Wolf Law Building

February 25, 2014
Roger Fragua
Natural Gas Development
and Indian Country

February 11, 2014
Barbara Green
Oil and Gas Permitting: Who’s in Charge? Does it Matter?

December 10, 2013
Howard Boigon
Tradition and Innovation
in the Oil and Gas Industry: Reflections and Observations

December 3, 2013
Robert Martin
Hydraulic Fracturing On
Tribal Lands: A Weight Of
The Evidence Approach

November 5, 2013
Diana DeGette

Federal Laws, Legislation in Congress and Oil and Gas Development in Colorado

October 29, 2013
Will Fleckenstein
Frac’ing (Fracking) –
What is it?

October 15, 2013
George King

Hydraulic Fracturing and
Well Developments: What
are the Factual Risks?

October 8, 2013
Matthew Sura
Planning for 1,600 Oil
Wells in Greeley: The Case
for Applying Local Zoning
to the Oil and Gas Industry


FrackingSENSE Speakers

May 22, 2013
Bernie Goldstein
Does Living Near Hydrofracturing Activity
Put Our Health at Risk?

May 14, 2013
Dan Grossman
EDF – An Environmental Perspective
Gov. John Hickenlooper
May 2, 2013

Gov. John Hickenlooper
Natural Gas Development
in Colorado

April 30, 2013
Nick Flores
Economic Issues of Shale
Oil and Gas Development

April 23, 2013
Gabby Pétron
Atmospheric Perspectives
on Oil and Gas Operations

April 23, 2013
Jana Milford
Atmospheric Perspectives
on Oil and Gas Operations

April 16, 2013
Joe Ryan
What Do We Know and
Not Know about the Risk
of Oil and Natural Gas Development to Our
Water Supplies

April 2, 2013
Kirby Wynn
Garfield County’s Lessons Learned about Oil and Gas Development: Building Relationships with Industry and the Community to Effectively Address Citizen Concerns

March 19, 2013
Charles Davis
The Politics of Fracking

March 12, 2013
Reagan Waskom
Water for Energy: How
Much Does It Take? How
Much Will We Need?

March 5, 2013
Susan Tierney
Unconventional Natural
Gas: Trends, Opportunities,
and Challenges with America’s
New Energy Resource

February 26, 2013
Patty Limerick
The West Beneath Its
Surface: Natural Gas Developmentin the Big
Picture of Western
Extractive Industry